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Property Controls in Southwest British Columbia

automation controls
Buildings: Building automation systems are often overlooked in the maintenance of a commercial building or in the designing a high-end residential home. This is where finding sound, honest advice can save you a lot of money not only initially, but throughout the life of your home. Too many times, building maintenance departments will bypass implementing automated building control systems because it is too costly or painful getting big automation companies to service them. It doesn’t have to be painful or complicated. Just give us a call and we can take care of your entire system from installation to maintenance.

Homes: Large residential homes can also benefit from building automation systems that detect early faults in equipment, sends alerts, and makes equipment run much more efficiently, resulting in lower utility costs which save you money. Our building automation systems (for both retrofitted, larger residential homes or new builds) often pay for themselves in under four years, saving you money and also reducing your carbon foot print.

Lighting: Lighting automation is another area where sound, honest advice is needed. It’s a shame to meet clients who have invested a lot of money in a lighting automation system, only to find it's nearly outdated by the time they start using it. Contact our office and we can give you some free sound advice on which route to take.